What is Self Defense ?

Self Defense means defending or protecting oneself in Life Threatening Situations using any method possible.The methods may range from anything like playing with the attacker's mind, disarming him with things like Pepper Sprays, Stun Guns etc. to physically harming him using certain Deadly Techniques that have been developed by some of the most scientific and deadly Martial Arts in the world like Karate, Aikido, etc.

So why should you learn Self Defense ?

Today's situation of escalating crimes demands that we are always mentally and physically ready to defend and protect ourselves and our dear ones from such deadly criminals. A person who is more mentally and physically responsive is least prone to become a victim of crime. Like in the Jungle its the weakest or the ones that show least resistance that gets killed. So if you think that you don't want to be an "Easy Prey" and you don't have time nor the passion to learn a Martial Art then you should learn Self Defense.

So how will Self Defense help you in your life ?

The practice of Self Defense cultivates a confidence in handling many otherwise helpless situations, It is this "I am not an easy target" attitude which will reflect in your personality and make you less prone to attacks.

From whom should you learn Self Defense ?

There are many Systems of Self Defense being taught in many countries by many different martial art schools and by most law enforcement agencies of most countries.

The major factors one must look at while choosing a school for Self Defense is the authenticity of the school, the effectiveness of the techniques they follow and impart to their students and the experience and in-depth knowledge of the instructor/s who would be teaching you.

Can you learn Self Defense from S.M.K.I.?

Anyone (male or female) sincerely interested in learning Self Defense from S.M.K.I. must be 12 years or above, ready for hard work, with lot of patience, discipline and commitment.

S.M.K.I. (India) imparts the knowledge of Self Defense by conducting dedicated Group coaching classes under Sensei Md.Shakeel Ahmed and other Senior Instructors.

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